The first thousand days decide the life of a startup. Not the days of conception but from the day an enterprise starts working. They bring in clients, transact, put themselves for customer feedback, take baby steps to a reputation. Our work revolves around those thousand days, so that you can build something worth, be your own master, be free from the daily grind and finding purpose. You meet the prime motivation for starting up.

For those first thousand days we firefight through your crisis, we advise your funding, we bring in the investor for your middle of the trajectory of growth business. We offer you marketing advice appropriate for your business standing. Whether you are planning a mass market product or a niche product, we tell you the audience and their responses, their demands and what they want to hear when they expect someone to fulfill their demand. We help those wobbling legs of your startup gain strength, walk steady.

Come to us only with your idea, an earth changing, humane idea, we will build all the foundation that your castle in the air will need to be real. We will flesh it with customers, revenue, taxation and employees, those that build businesses.

And come to us with your fears, of a middle age that is desperate to change. To create new, to venture out from a scheduled week to freedom, to build wealth, to build an abler, stronger nation through your creation, to start your own enterprise. To dream. And we give those dreams wings. Pointing out the dots of light and of despair in your plan. Showing you our analysis on your traffic estimates and corresponding sales forecast. Indicating the growth points, the growth possibilities, your chances of those zero gravity falls and the sudden drawing backs that arrest those falls. We show you a flight, the dangers included and the highs possible. In sweat, in hardship, we create your wings.

And come to us in need. A burning need to overcome mediocracy. To go way out crossing stagnancy, idleness of remaining at one spot in business. Breaking the day to day monotony of running the same business, day in, day out. We show you your growth ability by carefully analyzing every aspect of your business, we show you the helps you can muster by the brand and personal reputation you have gained in those long days of hard work, we show you the sky, what you should aim to achieve using innovation, new technology and your hard work. We change your business, often in the process, we change you.

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