Retail distribution Channel set up

A retail business needs a streamlined, well oiled distribution network. The success of most retail businesses depend on the reach they can generate with their network channel partners. And the channels are different for most segments of businesses.

A telecom channel partner and FMCG channel partner are different and the networks built for the two businesses will also be very different. Our expert consultants guide businesses on these distinctions and the small differences that make all the difference.

How to build distribution channel appropriate to your business? How to identify the markets to keep as your local distribution centers?How many local headquarters your business will need? How to localize your sales team that your channel can service the complete team equally? All these are business specific issues that need to be sorted out before you plan your distribution network.


We at Bizmania guide you to reach your target market with lowest logistics cost. Give us a shout out if you are planning your retail business, for better, efficient and quick logistics.

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