Project Management

Project management is multidirectional. Conceptualizing the project, the slow cyclic movement to reach the ultimate product design, the peripheral support to make the design competitive, collection and analysis of beta customer feedback, implementing the dynamic adjustments to the product to customer response and then launching the project. The project often happens apart from product design also.

To launch a new campaign for an existing product that is reaching a plateau in sales, to overhaul the channel partners, to change the packaging of the highest selling rural superhit are all projects and the common thread that ties them is time constraint. Every loose end that needs tying eats time from the same pool, Big time.


With Bizmania consultants we guide you to run things in parallel and keep the time in check. Tell you to advance the segments notorious for eating bigger chunk of time, complete portions that are famous to raise nagging last minute flags, to reach the project before time, to have enough left for testing, feedback and a roaring launch. Successfully.

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