Grow Your Existing Business

For an existing business it is important too grow, to stop stagnancy, we help you with every point mentioned, for you to grow your business:

  • Guidance on how you can expand product range— Your product range is a business weapon. Double edged. It creates more space for your products, more choices for your customer, more visual effect to enhance product recall value. We guide you how not to overstep these benefits and avoid cannibalism. How to attack competition without harming your business is a fine trick of product range expansion and our master marketing consultants show you the best ways to do it.
  • How to appropriate a better product/market fit- We guide our clients to better product-market fit through delicate customer insights, pointed market survey results and encouraging business ideas to take the leap of faith in creating uniqueness in their product. We explain the troubles a typical customer faces in a particular market and how a product can create solutions and build much more based on the premise of that solution.
  • Formulate strategy for new market penetration—New markets and market entry strategy. Our intimate knowledge about a targeted market helps our clients create their super critical market penetration strategy. Market entry strategy makes or breaks a business in a market. Marketing consultants of Bizmania help you build it with finesse, planning and accuracy.


  • Use technology for improved productivity, processes and systems and reduce cost— Technology today is all encompassing. Like the magic wand it touches every section of business and if used efficiently it improves productivity by huge margins. Improved productivity relates to lower cost, better administration and management. However the efficient use is a rider that most businesses neglect and their technological upgrades themselves build up cost. Our consultants advice on the matching of a business to its most relevant technology.
  • Communication, brand and marketing, how to tell your audience about yourself—Your brand story. This is today one of the best differentiating factors in business. It separates you from competitors, it tells your customers why you are unique, it makes for an engaging narrative. We, help you create your brand story. We show you the platforms that are compatible to your business audience and where it is fine to share the story; we help you decide the tone of your narrative and how you can stand apart from everybody else in the segment just by the merit of your story.
  • Branching out options to each business and how to optimize—Our business development consulting section guides our clients on how internalizing new business segments into your core business can dampen the down market risks. Branching is a day to day business risk management strategy. The multiple businesses work to buffer against adverse business environments. The branching out can be in the same industry, into different channels, or it can be into a totally different business segment. We guide clients after assessing their risk appetite, financial strength and ability to acquire knowledge when required. Often a client, who is heavily engaged in present enterprise may not be willing to brach out into different industry and we suggest a related segment to focus on.

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