Business Expansion Through Franchising

To keep a business in its natural trajectory, it needs growth and clear retail strategy. This growth can be through customer demand pull or business push. Whether the growth is a push or a pull the physical means of franchising your business is very appropriate for both. The best part of franchising is the low level investment needed and even for a budding company it creates multiple points of access for its customers.

And the biggest prospect of franchising is duplicating growth in rapid succession. There are a few approaches for franchise building and our experts guide you through each one with their ins and outs. And their valuable inputs about suitability of each franchise model for your business is the best outcome from coming to us.


Here are the Franchising models-

  • FOFO: Franchise Owned Franchise Operated
  • FOCO: Franchise Owned Company Operated
  • COFO: Company Owned Franchise Operated
  • COCO: Company Owned Company Operated

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