About US

We are technology people. We use changes in technology to find better, easier business solutions that are far reaching, lasting, cost effective. Our robustly built business support infrastructure is agile enough to change at a moment’s notice and penetrative enough for deep introspection. In the sum total we offer you our MADNESS FOR BUSINESS.

We build foundations to your vision to grow. Our tools empower you to build on that vision. We use our business experience, understanding and foresight and build our support system for those maddeningly demanding situations. And we take you to a new height. Your business stands out on its own.

Business Development Consulting

BizMania remains a vital cog in the Growth Advisors consulting Group since 2013. Our team of highly experienced business consultants has created some of the industry defining solutions that make us an obvious consulting choice but we pride ourselves more on our integrity, our strength in upholding corporate values and our path building quality of delivery.

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